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Where all good days begin and end

The bathroom—a place to savor the soap ’staches, splish splashes, and stories from the day. It’s about removing the dirt from a day well-lived, bonding over bath toys and silly games and taking a moment to cherish the damp mop-head snuggling from under a soft towel.

Then there’s the silly balance-your-child-on-your-knee-while-their-tummy-is-squished-on-the-counter act that we’ve all pulled off at the sink, or the endless reasons why it’s important they brush their teeth. Faucet Extenders, Step Stools and the Eye Family all allow independence to beckon and make those “I did it” moments happen.

And finally the potty training challenge: hours of sitting, reading books, channeling their inner zen on a TINKLE™ or pottyPOD®. Getting them to realize the uh-oh, got-to-go feeling—it’s all for the glorious goal to BE DONE WITH DIAPERS®.

24 products found in Bath & Potty

Faucet Extender™
Tinkle® To Go
Disposable Toilet Seat Liner For Tinkle® To Go - 3 Pack
Tinkle® Trainer
Tinkle® Trainer SQUISH
Tinkle® Squish
pottyPOD® Basix
Step Stool
Bath Mat
Bath Hammock
Tic Tac Toe Bath Game
Bath Puzzle
Prince Lionheart eyeFAMILY™ Bathroom Set
Tubimal ® Hooded Towel
Prince Lionheart Infant Bath Support - Comfy Non-Slip Sponge
Everything But the Baby Gift Basket: 1 year’s supply of the best of the best from Prince Lionheart
3-in-1 Potty