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We answer to a good night’s sleep®.

Since we’re a family business, we hold ourselves to a higher standard: our family’s standard. We’re guided by our values, and a good night’s sleep is the best indicator of how we’re doing.

Changing times mean new challenges when raising children—trust us, we know. In a world of things that go bip and bop, we’re looking for the balance that parents need just to make it through the day with our sanity intact.

We constantly work to bring you the best quality of product for the best price. We believe in the life of our products and work to design things that will last. If anything doesn't do what we say it's going to do, let us know.

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Recently some of you have expressed disappointment in your customer service experience. First and foremost, we would like to extend our most sincere apology. While we certainly appreciate the candid feedback, as frustrating as it is, we totally agree. We pride ourselves on doing right by our products and the families who use them; after all, we answer to a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, we’ve just endured a perfect storm where we found ourselves navigating Covid , had technical issues resulting in lost emails, and a delayed phone system install rendering us incommunicado for a couple of weeks, all while having our customer service manager leave abruptly due to an extremely premature delivery. Needless to say, we are thrilled to report that the baby, who was due today, has been fighting like a champ with his dedicated parents by his side for 4 months in the NICU.

If any of you out there reading this were caught in the perfect storm, please try us again. We are still working lean and hard to support and protect all of our employees during this challenging time, while ensuring product gets delivered to support your family at home.

Again, we apologize and hope you’ll give us another chance to show you why our family has been a valued part of families around the world since 1973.

 Thank you,

The McConnell Family

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