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Booster SQUISH™
Jo-Anne Pearce
Love this Booster Sea!

After sitting on this seat once, my granddaughter now heads to the big table even for snacks! It is comfortable and easy to clean! My order was processed promptly and delivered on time!

Looks good

It’s a gift, so don’t know how it performs.

These Made a Huge Difference!

I love his baby wipe warmer. My newborn was screaming with every diaper change as soon as the cold wipes touched his skin. My mom made a joke that I should warm the wipes and I went on the hunt to see if a product like that existed. I found this gem and ordered it right away.

It is a game changer when changing diapers. My sweet baby doesn't scream the way he used to and actually when he feels the warm wipes on his skin it settles him down. Very glad I ordered this!

Haven't had an issue with dry or brown wipes either. The product does what it says it does!

Excellent product!

Great Buy

I don’t have a trash lid so the product along with the Diaper pail is convenient to kill the diaper odors. I’ve had no issues so far. Will continue to order. My only complaint is that I wish my Pail was bigger.

Tinkle® Trainer
walsh, robert

Great potty seat

Tinkle® Squish
Heather Bonanno

Tinkle® Squish

Using this with my reborn newborn baby girl

I’ve been using this with my reborn newborn baby girl since she was born. Her name is Amber grace, and she poops and pees a lot, especially at night. I’ve been not getting enough sleep lately til it came on my birthday 🥳.

The only choice for a seat protector for your Tesla!

High quality seat cover that looks good as well!
Perfect fitment.
Communication and service also top notch.
Highly recommended!

Granddaughter is enthusiastic!

We gave this wheelie pig to our granddaughter for her second birthday. We're happy to day that she loves it!

Never fail heavy duty bags

I have never had one bag out of approximately 5-6 boxes fail in any way. The bag has never come apart the cardboard attachment ring. Most surprisingly, I thought the plastic straps that hold the bag in position during the twisting process would be the weak point. Nope! There isn't anything weak about this bag. They're well made and worth every penny!

Our second wheely toy

We purchased this for our granddaughter’s third birthday. We had previously purchased the smaller size Wheely Hedgehog for her first birthday. She has loved the hedgehog so we purchased the larger size Tiger. The hedgehog moves so well and is a quality built product.

Love them so much I reordered after misplacing

I have loved these crib rail protectors for a long time. I lost them while moving houses between my 2nd and 3rd children and missed them so much I reached out to the company to see when they would be back in stock to re-order. The customer service was amazing and I’m just as happy with the product the second time around.

Best Potty Seat!

Our boy loves his potty! Soft and comfy for a tiny bum. Easy to wipe clean too!

Water Reservoir Pillow Case for everFRESH Pillow

Best invention!

I dont know why I hadnt heard about this before! It is a game changer for night diaper changes, have recommended it to all my friends!

Perfect Fit

Fits my 2020 Model S perfectly and color looks great!

Perfect tic tac toe for kids - in the bath or out!

This is so much better than using paper and pencil! My granddaughter is delighted.

Original Slumber Bear®
Sarah P McCluskey
This is a Beautiful Gift for Mother & Baby!!

I brought the Pink Slumber Bear for my first Great Granddaughter! This is a Second purchase for me!
I purchased a Blue Slumber Bear from Khols 12 yrs ago for a Great Nephews Baby Shower! I Love giving them for a Gift!
Thank You for creating such a wonderful gift!

Fast shipping & great product!

Love Prince Lionheart products. They have great customer service and ship fast. The charcoal sachets work really well with the Twist'r diaper pail. There is no odor coming from the pail. And it holds a good amount of diapers.

Wheely Bug Ride-On Toy
Andrea D Sklar
Granddaughter loved It!!!

Purchased for each of my grandchildren and they all loved them!!

Stopped the Foot Scuffs Quick

The Prince Lionheart Kick Mat was a real lifesaver for my seats! Not only did it prevent scuffs, but I'm so pleased with its performance that I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's an absolute must-have if you're trying to keep your car looking spick-and-span!

Tubimal® Baby Bath & Bin
Kaelynn Garibay

I love it I'm satisfied

Soft Booster Seat
Midori Lollini
Amazing associate!!

I wish I had written her name down. Whoever she is who handled my order issue, deserves a BIG raise!