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Fast shipping & great product!

Love Prince Lionheart products. They have great customer service and ship fast. The charcoal sachets work really well with the Twist'r diaper pail. There is no odor coming from the pail. And it holds a good amount of diapers.

Andrea D Sklar
Granddaughter loved It!!!

Purchased for each of my grandchildren and they all loved them!!

Stopped the Foot Scuffs Quick

The Prince Lionheart Kick Mat was a real lifesaver for my seats! Not only did it prevent scuffs, but I'm so pleased with its performance that I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's an absolute must-have if you're trying to keep your car looking spick-and-span!

Tubimal® Baby Bath & Bin
Kaelynn Garibay

I love it I'm satisfied

Soft Booster Seat
Midori Lollini
Amazing associate!!

I wish I had written her name down. Whoever she is who handled my order issue, deserves a BIG raise!

Better for a more narrow car seat

The SeatSaver seems well made and fits my model 3 perfectly. However, it would fit a more narrow car seat better. The front edges of my Graco high back booster hang off the sides by an inch on each side leading to impressions in the Tesla seat.

Ever-Fresh System® Replacement Pillows - 2 Pack

Loved them and also the fast delivery

My Son Loves It

My son is on the bigger side so his old tub is a littls snug for him. It's slightly slipperly but he loves it and it's spacious.

Must have

This, to me, is an essential item to have with a newborn

Tinkle® Squish
Rolando Pausal

Tinkle® Squish

Helped my constipated big kid get things moving

My 8 year-old and has been potty trained for many years, but suffers from chronic constipation. His GI doctor indicated that he needed to adjust his posture to help get things moving, but he found it so very uncomfortable to be on the toilet with the correct posture. He has had this seat for only a few days now, but it has made such a difference for him. He told me unprompted "mom, you should give that a five star review!" So, here it is.

Solution for adult diaper disposal

Bought for my roommate with Crohn's and they love it. No more daily trips outside to trash cans. It also fits super discreetly next to the toilet and looks good. I reviewed many diaper pails available and thought this twist design for blocking off odors was simple ingenuity vs. using chemicals or other weird methods for keeping out the stink. Highly recommend for adult diaper disposal!


I really like the prince lionheart everfresh system pillowcase. It allows for easy removal of the pillow. I no longer have the pillow sticking to the wipe warmer.

No stink with these babies

Changing these charcoal pouches every 3 months does the trick for killing odors. Only my opinion.

Bought sleeve as a gift with diaper pail + refills for a year

Coworker loves diaper pail + refills we got them. This designer sleeve is what they still talk about.

These bags twist out the odor ... no BS!

They claim one week is how long the bags kill odor, but it's more than that. I'd buy this again and again.

Easy to install and remove

Love this diaper pail, but especially how fast the bags are to install and remove.

Never underestimate a fresh smelling nursery

Our nursery was smelling funky. We bought this diaper twistr and all we smell now is our monster's new clean.

CHOP™ Balance Bike
Terri Kerner

It was a gift to relatives in CA who have not yet put it together

Jordan Martin
The best costumer service!

I needed an item quick for my 2 year old for Christmas day, and Pauline intercepted the entire process to make sure we got our item. It arrived Dec 23!!! She was wonderful and the sweetest and definitely went above and beyond for us and we are extremely grateful to her. We bought the Wheely Bug and it’s adorable.

Versa Formula Mixer

I bought this when my first grandchildren were babies. We now use it for hot chocolate and chocolate milk. I need to buy 2 more so that they can have one at each home. EXCELLENT purchase almost 10 years ago.

Easy to use and no stink!

Stinky diapers are the worst thing I could complain about while being a new father. This diaper twister has made a real change to my changing activities :)

Okay, first of all I got the product. My husband assembled it and then I had to figure out how to insert the bag. Luckily instructions come included. Insert the bag and then keep the instructions near until you don't need them anymore. It is great for odor control. So as soon as you figure out how to change the bags, it's great.

Bought this for my brother, who recently had a baby. Works great, no complaints.