Illumipad® Changing Pad & Cover

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Didn't know I needed

This is great for middle of the night changing that I didn't know I needed! This is such a cook upgrade! The only thing I'd need to know is how do I get mattress pad cover replacements if I need to wash this one?

Alexa G.
Game changer!!!!

This changing pad and cover are game changers!! The cover is super smooth and soft, the pad itself is also pretty soft and this product is well made. My favorite part is the light. Before this, I would use the flashlight on my phone, or turn on the room lights (big risk) to change my baby in the middle of the night. Because the light is built in, it makes it so easy to change your baby in the middle of the night. Besides being able to see what you’re doing, you can also make sure you got your baby’s bottom nice and clean — a must have.

marina faragalla

Illumipad is so nice, It’s so great to be able to change my baby at night without turning the room light on or trying to hold my cell phone light without dropping it and completely waking up my baby and my baby’s so sensitive when it comes to the light and her sleep and this is just great for her I love it and highly recommend it to any who doesn’t want to disturb their baby or even spouse in the middle of the night. Additionally this changing pad is so comfy and high quality and the materials are soft and cozy. I love this so much I may buy another to have in our two story home.

Best changing station!

My son loves it we even took it travel to Disney to use since they didn’t have a change station and he had the light and all I highly recommend!

Kristina Tyrer
The best changing pad!

This changing pad is genius! I never used a changing pad until now. The LED light is perfect for late night or midnight changes. Such a game changer and great quality!


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