Dresser Top Diaper Depot™ - Made in USA

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Great organizer!!

This diaper depot is great for keeping all your diapers and accessories organized. I use this downstairs at my house! Instead of having your diapers thrown in a drawer or kept in a bag you can organize them and find them easily in your diaper depot. It has side containers that can be removed to store your rash cream, mucus bulbs and more! The top tray I use for a pack of wipes. I love this caddy and use it everyday!

Perfect Fit!

I was accidentally shipped the over-the-side hanging Diaper Depot, but customer service was immaculate and immediately rectified the issue by sending me a new Dresser Top Diaper Depot. And, as an apology for the mixup, they told me to keep the side hanging diaper depot too. Amazing customer service- truly a wonderful interaction. Oh, and of course both Depots work beautifully! Thanks!

Love this for organization

This is definitely a necessity! If you love organization and and being tidy, this is definitely a must for your nursery. You can also carry it and place it under your bassinet/bedside sleeper. I love that it has pockets for every baby gear.

Alexa G.
Love this diaper depot!

This depot serves many purposes. It easily fits pull ups for my older child on one side, and diapers for my baby on the other. The side compartments also have plenty of room to allow for diaper creams, lotions, and other little Knick knacks we need to keep around for diaper changes. It’s well made, easy to assemble and because it’s clear, it is ‘fashionable’ and gives a nice touch to the nursery.

marina faragalla
I have 2 it's so good

We LOVE this diaper depot! In fact we love it so much we have 2! One in the nursery and one in our bedroom. I love how organized my nursery now is, you won’t believe it! It looks amazing, and it fits everything I could need to change a diaper and it's easy to see because it is clear. It Everything I need is in reach, I don’t have to find anything in a drawer or look for the cream, everything is right there next to my prince lionheart illumipad. The side holders are able to hold all of my frequently used items for him. The diaper compartments are big enough to hold 15 newborn size diapers plus a few more vertically if I really want or 13 size 3 diapers. And when my kids are old enough for potty training, I will use it for our arts and crafts cabinet! Also, the rubber feet on the bottom are perfect to keep this in place in case I bump into it (or my little ones bump it).


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