Diaper Duty, No More Dread: Diaper Twist'R® Baby Diaper Pails


If you’ve been looking for a way to make diaper duty less daunting and keep your nursery odor free, look no further! Seasoned parents and caregivers know all too well that the dreaded smell of dirty diapers can be a real issue in any nursery. You may have tried other solutions for those odors, such as leaving the windows open or using air fresheners, but these solutions only sometimes work.

But now, thanks to the new and revolutionary Diaper Twist'R® Baby Diaper Pails, you can keep those smelly diapers out of sight and out of mind! With our patented twist technology, 7-layer odor-trapping bags, self-sealing bag system, and activated charcoal sachets, the Diaper Twist'R® guarantees you'll be rid of nasty diaper odors once and for all!



Diaper Twist’R® Outsmarts Odors™

The Diaper Twist'R® is a revolutionary solution designed to combat odors from dirty diapers. Its patented sealing system prevents odor from seeping through and ruining your home's atmosphere. This simple and sleek diaper pail complements any nursery’s décor while hiding the contents from sight and scent. It even features an innovative drop-down cover that lets you discard soiled diapers without reaching inside. Plus, when it’s time to empty your bin, simply pull out the bag without having to cut or tie off anything – no mess involved!  


Patented Twist Technology

The patented twist technology lets you drop your dirty diaper into the pail without worrying about any messes in or around your nursery - even when changing multiple diapers simultaneously. With just one quick twist of the handle, the pail seals away odors, so you don't have to deal with that recurring stink again. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


7-Layer Self-Sealing Bag System

The 7-layer odor traps are designed to keep all odors safely locked away until you're ready to empty the pail. The Diaper Twist'R® Disposable Refill Bags are an innovative self-sealing bag system that helps keep unpleasant smells from escaping into your nursery. This means no more worrying about smelly baby diapers hovering around your home - just clean air for everyone!



Activated Charcoal

It has odor-neutralizing charcoal sachets designed to trap nasty smells inside the bin and keep them away from your nostrils. With these Twist'R Charcoal Sachets, you can rest assured that this diaper pail will remain odor-free even after multiple uses.


Prince Lionheart Diaper Pails

Say goodbye to smelly baby diapers with our collection of Best Diaper Pails and Refill Bags. It is perfect for parents looking for an effective way to contain odors from soiled diapers in their homes. Take a deep breath, mamas and papas; you'll never have to endure that recurring stink again.

The Diaper Twist'R® Outsmarts Odors™ every time with its patented twist technology, self-sealing bag system, 7-layer odor-trapping bags, and activated charcoal sachets. It's time to enjoy peace of mind while caring for those precious bundles of joy, knowing those smelly diapers won't ruin your nursery’s atmosphere.