Easy Ways to Stimulate Your Child's Brain During COVID!

America has not experienced a year like 2020 in recent memory. It has shifted what it means to be a parent, and as caregivers ourselves, we feel your pain. We are here to tell you that you're doing great and to breathe.
We've done the research, consulted with friends, and found activities that will lead to both physical and mental progress for your youngster.

Build A Routine

Whether in a pandemic or not, utilizing a routine every day will teach your child to predict what is coming and build their trust in you.
● Bedtime rituals
● Turn cooking into an inclusive activity
● Eat at the same time each day

Play Games to Move The Mind

Play is a fantastic way to stimulate the mind of your child. Depending on age, different types of
games and playful activities can help your child grow.
● Memory games
● Playmats
● Building forts
● Treasure hunts


Get Crafty

We get it, you're sick of the Play-Doh. There are other fun routes to inspire creativity that don’t include that popular toddler item. Consider creating a magnetic mood board for your child. Pick up a dry erase board from your local CVS, or order one on Amazon. Purchase paper plates, markers, and a roll of magnetic strips. Each day, you can have your child draw their mood in the form of a facial expression on the paper plate. Add a magnetic strip to the back of the plate and display it on the board. Combining an art project with a psychological activity in self-reflection helps your child understand and learn about themselves in a new way. Displaying the board in the kitchen or family room is an opportunity to allow them to feel proud of themselves as well! Crafts are among the safest things to do during COVID.


Expand your definition of "travel" during the pandemic. While you shouldn't necessarily jump on a plane or take a two-week vacation during a lockdown, getting out of the house will certainly help to stimulate your child's imagination. Depending on what is open where you live, a zoo or park is a great COVID-safe activity for kids. Not only can you get out of the house, but the art pieces and animals offer fun ways to activate the mind.

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Even a walk around the block on a favorite toy friend like WheelyHedgehog or WheelyTiger would be a great way to get some exercise. In your own neighborhood, you can recognize patterns, make friends, and count houses, all activities that will create new synapses in your brain.


Although it can be grueling to be locked down for months, and you might be worried about properly stimulating your child's brain during COVID, don't underestimate the everyday moment to help your children grow and learn. Whether you are naming colors as you fold laundry or measuring cups of water in the bathtub, the world around you is an amazing classroom.