Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh System® Pillowcase

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Prince Lionheart  Ever-Fresh System® Pillowcase

Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh System® Pillowcase

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  • Specially designed to accompany the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer of your choice, the Ever-Fresh® Pillowcase Upgrade will help keep your wipes moist longer than ever. Simply insert your Ever-Fresh Pillow inside this handy Pillowcase and place at the bottom of your baby wipes warmer. The case helps keep the wipes moist and fresh, fighting off bacteria with the EPA-approved anti-microbial additive within the Ever-Fresh Pillow, all while preventing the bottom of your wipes warmer from browning. By the way, browning is normal and expected. It is not burning. It is the result of the oxidation process when wipes with various additives are warmed, similar to an apple that oxidizes and turns brown once it is cut; it is safe to eat, just a little unsightly.

    • The Pillowcase acts a as barrier between the wipes, the warmer, and the ever-FRESH System® Pillow
    • Comes with a patented ever-FRESH System® Pillow which keeps wipes moist until the last wipe
    • Highly-dense micro-porous pillow absorbs and releases moisture to ensure freshness
    • Rinse, Resaturate Each Time You Refill Your Wipes, Or About Every Week
    • Reuse Each Pillow For 3 Months Before Replacing
    • Made From Baby-Safe Material And Treated With An EPA-Approved Anti-Microbial To Prevent Mold Growth
    • Included: one Pillowcase and one Ever-Fresh Pillow

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandra M Burkhardt
Works great!

I needed a replacement for my daughter’s wipe warmer not knowing that the plastic cage was an option to protect the pad. This was a great addition and helps the longevity of it!

Five Stars

Five star

This is a NEED

I got a wipe warmer as a gift and it didn’t come with the cover. I didn’t even realize they made them. The case extends the life of the “pillow” and stays moist longer.



A must buy

Should have bought this with the wipe warmer right from start!

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