EVO™ Baby Wipes Warmer

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EVO™ Baby Wipes Warmer

EVO™ Baby Wipes Warmer

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We made the first appliance-style baby wipes warmer in 1996 and we've been warming bottoms ever since. Sure, a warm wipe feels better than a cold one, but if you don't believe us, perhaps you will when your baby winces when you use a cold wipe on her bottom, or when your toddler is able to say "Brrr, that's cold."


  • Keep your wipes warm, moist, and ready to use every time.
  • Super seal barrier clear lid locks tight and allows you to see your wipe level.
  • Patented Technology keeps wipes fresh and non-browning.


It just doesn't make sense from a comfort or hygiene perspective to use cold baby wipes while cleaning your little monster. Dirty diapers originate from a warm baby, where the pores are open, and using cold wipes can cause pores to close and trap bacteria vs. remaining open for a more hygienic clean. Our baby wipe warmers solve these problems in an affordable solution that's tried, tested, and trusted.



Warmest wipes warmer on the block with a warming temperature ~10 degrees warmer than the competition between 107 - 109 degrees Fahrenheit.


EPA-approved anti-microbial prevents mold growth in the wipes warmer.


Warm glow nightlight for half-asleep diaper changes. Time required for warming is around 3 hours from start to finish.



Patented Ever-Fresh System® Pillow and Water Reservoir™ keeps wipes moist, fresh and non-browning. Tip Top™ Pillow keeps the tip top of the top wipe moist and condensation to a minimum.


Clear lid locks extra tight so no moisture escapes and allows you to see your wipe level using our Super Seal Barrier ™. Accommodates 80 - 100 disposable wipes, depending on the brand of wipes used.


One-handed changing with disposable wipes that easily pull through top lid dispenser and wipes warmer designed to fit atop Prince Lionheart's Diaper Depots for safer, faster, more efficient baby changing at every level.



  • 1x: EVO™ Wipes Warmer
  • 1x: Ever-Fresh™  System Pillow
  • 1x: Tip Top™ Pillow Water Reservoir
  • 1x: Low voltage wall adapter


  • Weight: 2.63 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.81 x 5 x 7.44 inches
  • Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart


  • Handles: EVO™ Wipes Warmer, Ever-Fresh System® 
  • Identities (US): 6,639,185 | 6,674,045 | 6,874,011 | 6,674,048
  • Identities (International): HK1055534 | HK1055535 | HK1056081 |HK1056082 | ZL0321421.2 | 60302175.108 (DE) | 1,358,831 (EU) | 3,097,546 (JP) 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Carisa B.
These Made a Huge Difference!

I love his baby wipe warmer. My newborn was screaming with every diaper change as soon as the cold wipes touched his skin. My mom made a joke that I should warm the wipes and I went on the hunt to see if a product like that existed. I found this gem and ordered it right away.

It is a game changer when changing diapers. My sweet baby doesn't scream the way he used to and actually when he feels the warm wipes on his skin it settles him down. Very glad I ordered this!

Haven't had an issue with dry or brown wipes either. The product does what it says it does!

John Reyes
Always the best choice

I buy this product 9 y ago with my first baby as a suggestion for a friend. Today I choose the same product and it’s always the best option and quality.

John Reyes
Always the best choice

Five star

Surprisingly Great!

At first glance I feel like this may not be super necessary but then I recall when my son was smaller and we'd wipe him with regular wipes how he'd pee on us because he was cold and had temperature shock! So I think this is definitely a great product to try out for each baby to see if they like it or not and its useful! For us it's great for baby, infant, and toddler.

Your baby’s bottom will thank you!

I never knew how much I’d fall in love with a wipe warmer until I got this one. Before getting this, I would try and warm up wipes between my hands before wiping my baby, but now I don’t have to. The wipes come out warm, soothing, and they don't make my baby cry in the middle of the night. I also love the night light and how the wipes always stay moist. Another must have product for your nursery!

Your Answers - their Questions

Can you use any wipes you want with this baby wipes warmer?

Yes. You can use any wipes, but we recommend using water based wipes only because they are more gentle.

How often do the pillows need to be replaced?

It is recommended that the Ever-Fresh replacement pillows be changed every 3 months.

How hot and fast do the baby wipes get inside of this wipe warmer?

The baby wipes warming temperature will reach and average between 107 - 109 degrees Fahrenheit after 3 hours.

Can your team recommend any relevant site articles?

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