My Twist'R® Diaper Pail

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My Twist'R® Diaper Pail

My Twist'R® Diaper Pail

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Welcome to the future of diaper disposal—the revolutionary My Twist’R® Diaper Pail! This fantastic product was designed with one purpose in mind: to make diapering easier. After all, being a parent is hard enough without worrying about smelly diaper pails that require tedious and time-consuming steps.


That’s why the My Twist’R® Diaper Pail is such an incredible feat of innovation. It’s equipped with Outsmarts Odors™, odor-trapping bags that are simple to replace, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells in your nursery. And you won’t have to deal with tedious cutting, tying, or kneeling either - the patented Drop. Step. Done® system does it all for you! In short, this product makes diaper disposal easy and efficient, so you can focus on more important things - like taking care of your little one.


Whether you’re a new parent or grandparent or just looking for an upgrade from your current diaper pail—My Twist'R® has you covered. Its stylish design will help complete any nursery—embracing a clean aesthetic while eliminating odors! Pick up the My Twist'R® Diaper Pail today and experience what it truly means to be a prepared parent!



No more nose torture! Outsmarts Odors™ with the Diaper Twist'R® and breathe easy knowing that you won't have to endure little (or big!) 'accidents'. Your sense of smell will be forever grateful. Guaranteed!


Keeping dirty diapers out of sight and smell has never been easier! With just a twist, you can securely lock away those pesky stinkers. Make diaper duty as easy-breezy as possible with this magic handling - wave your wand (or lids) to bid farewell to that nasty mess in one simple spin.


Need a bag taken out quickly? No problem! With no cutting, tying or kneeling required, you can remove that pesky sack from the top or middle with ease. Don't let bags bring you down - take them out super fast and make your day!


For all the tiny miracles in our lives, nothing can replace a fresh diaper! Don't underestimate how much your little one will need to stay clean and comfy - over 6 thousand diapers during their first two-and-a half years on this Earth. Happily, that's something you won’t have to break the bank for; just about 25 cents per day or $7.58 each month is enough keep those adorable bums free of stinkiness!



After years of intensive R&D, a diaper pail has been engineered that keeps diapers securely stored without the fuss. It features an innovative twist-seal mechanism which ensures bags stay closed when opened - so you can kiss goodbye any dreaded whiffs!


Keep your little one's diaper change routine organized with bags that can store a whole week of dirty diapers. Whether Pampers, Huggies or Kirkland brand - the capacity for 35 newborn-sized soiled nappies will ensure you have all bases covered!


These bags are like the ultimate security guards for odor, blocking any smelly molecules from escaping!


Don't let stinky diapers ruin the air quality in your home! Patented charcoal sachets and 7-Layer bags team up with innovative twist technology to tackle diaper pail odor like never before. You'll thank yourself for taking that extra step toward a happier, fresher smelling house! 



  • 1x: My Twist'R® Diaper Pail
  • 2x: My Twist'R® Diaper Pail Refill Bags
  • 2x: Twist'R® Diaper Pail Charcoal Sachets 


  • Weight: 3.34 lb
  • Dimensions: 10.5in x 21.25in (27cm x 54cm)
  • Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart
  • Origin: Made in the USA


  • Identities: TWIST'R® Diaper Disposal System, My TWIST'R®, TWIST'R® Charcoal, TWIST'R® Refill Bags
  • Numbers: US = 9,434,537, 9,555,963, 9,745,125, 9,969,550, D792,964



Our company stands behind our products with a 1 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. This warranty does not provide coverage for products that are damaged as a result of misuse or abuse. 


If your product is not working properly, contact us and we will be happy to replace any part or product determined to be defective. We may require proof of purchase, photos, or return of the product in question for repair or replacement. Please do not send us defective products or parts unless we request you to do so.


Diaper Twist'R - Instructions & Help Documents - Learning how to assemble, setup, and operate your Diaper Twist'R® is easy using our help documentation. Check out our instructional videos that show you how to assemble, operate, install a bag, and remove a bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Does. Not. Stink.

Love this! Have tried a few different ones and this one is the answer to my prayers. It does not smell. Not one bit. My hubby and I are just so grateful to have our nursery stink free again even though we're on solids.


Everything is great accept the bag always rips when pulling it out. Wish it was made of thicker more durable plastic.

The best diaper disposal system

This diaper disposal system is amazing, easy to assemble, ideal size for my baby girl's room, it really doesn't smell bad from diapers, I loved this product.

Bianca Palumbo
A Nursery Essential

Considering diaper pails? Look no further. We love how the Prince Lionheart keeps the smell out of our (very small) nursery, even in the 90+ degree summer heat. It is easy to put together, remove the bags, and replace for your next fill. It is a perfect neutral but can also be customized to suit your style better.

Best Diaper Pail

If you are between different diaper pails, look no further and stop here!!!! We love this diaper pail! This is the only diaper pail we’ve had where you don’t smell dirty diapers through it. It is nicely designed, can easily match your nursery with the ‘stickers’ you can put on it and easy to use. Must have for your little one.

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Twist'R Diaper Pail - Start your baby's day with a fresh diaper and end the day in Twist'R bliss. Say goodbye to stink forever thanks to this revolutionary pail! Just drop, step & done - twist the lid securely shut for an odor-free experience every single time. You can trust that it will do its job – guaranteed!

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