Tesla - 2 Stage Car SeatSaver®

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Tesla - 2 Stage Car SeatSaver®

Tesla - 2 Stage Car SeatSaver®

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SeatSaver® is your car's friendly superhero, swooping in to save the day with its lip-protecting superpower! It uses a miraculous force field that contains fallen snacks and spilled liquids - so no more mess on that beautiful upholstery. Our Tesla car Seatsaver has been designed to protect all Tesla seats from damage including indentations, scratches, muddy shoe marks, spills, and much more. Specifically engineered for Tesla models including S, 3, X & Y while also providing ISOFIX/i-Size child restraint safety system compatibility.

  • Protects your Tesla’s vegan leather upholstery from wear and tear
  • Complements the distinct style of the Tesla, including the sculpted headrest.
  • Our patented design catches spills, absorbs kicks, and prevents scuffs.

Prince Lionheart’s SeatSaver® technology has been used by millions of families around the world, saving car upholstery from the wear and tear children and their car seats inflict. Our high-density design patented on our original 2-Stage SeatSaver® has been applied to fit the Tesla seats perfectly. 



Tesla's vegan leather seats are prone to depression and damage if not adequately protected. High-density foam protects, preventing unsightly scars from kids' car seats or ISOFIX/i-Size restraints. Keep your upholstery looking its best with this critical safeguard!


Tesla owners, your days of sitting uncomfortably in a car seat are finally over! You can now luxuriate with a unique custom fit that's just right for you. Just sit back and enjoy the ride like never before! Crafted with precision, it's designed specifically for Tesla seating and headrests.


Our product is designed to tackle all your car seat needs - it's flexible enough for both rear and forward-facing seats, giving you maximum freedom.


Choose the right fit for any car seat with our range of ISOFIX & i-Size compatible products. From rear and front-facing options to belt-based child restraint systems, we have your little ones covered safely in their rides!


Loading and unloading your car is a cinch! With no assembly required or fiddly straps, you can quickly get those items in and out of the car without fuss.


Keep your car clean and stylish with our patented technology. Our design features a lip barrier that helps contain inevitable messes and a double kick guard to protect against the dirtiest of little feet in both forward-facing and rear seats!


The SeatSaver® is the ultimate car seat experience – with super-strong non-slip backing, and it'll keep your bum as secure and comfortable as a king on his throne! Our Tesla car seat protector is a high-performing solution featuring non-slip backing to keep it securely in place.



  • 1x: Tesla 2 Stage®  Seatsaver®


  • Weight: 1.62 lb
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.8 x 16.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Prince Lionheart


  • Products: 2 Stage® Seatsaver® 
  • Patent numbers (US): 6,786,546 | 7,422,278 | 7,681,292
  • Patent numbers (International): 1,359,052 (European Patent)



Our company stands behind our products with a 1 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. This warranty does not provide coverage for products that are damaged as a result of misuse or abuse. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Bibiana Ramirez
Really need it

It really works!! Protect and waterproo… excellent quality

Bibiana Ramirez
Perfect Seat Protector

This is our 3rd one that we bought. Very pleased with the product

Bibiana Ramirez
Good product.

Still too new for a complete assessment, hence the 4 stars on durability. However, it’s working great so far, both pieces.

Bibiana Ramirez
Highly recommend

Love this seat protector! We now have 4 of them. Bought two about 2.5 years ago and they are still holding up like new, and have saved our leather seats numerous times from spilt milk, toddler foot prints from dirty shoes, etc. We just bought two more to put in each car for our newest baby.

Bibiana Ramirez
Why buy any other brand.

Best seat cover ever. For kids

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