Diaper Disposal Systems

Choosing the right diaper disposal system can mean the difference between swift, easy diaper changes, and a stinky mess. Life happens everywhere®—make sure your diaper pail can keep up.

Why You Should Choose the Twist’R® Diaper Disposal System

The Twist’R® Diaper Pail is made to be odorless and easy to use. Anytime you change a diaper, you can just toss it in the Twist’R®, without worrying about smelling it for hours.

No odor? No kidding.

Twist’R® outsmarts odor™ in 4 ways:

Self-sealing doors isolate dirty diapers
Activated charcoal absorbs odor
Patented twist technology seals in odors
7-layer barrier bag traps odor molecules

With four different ways to attack dirty diaper odor, you can breathe easier knowing the smell is contained.

Just how easy is the Twist’R®?

The Twist’R® Diaper Disposal System allows you to get rid of stinky diapers fast.

No kneeling
No bending
No cutting
No tying

Here’s how easy the Twist’R® is to use:

Drop in the diaper

Press the pedal with your foot
The doors and bag open
Take your foot off the pedal
Bag reseals with a twist, so no odors. Ever.

Features that make your life easier.

The Twist’R® is made for you—busy parents who perpetually have their hands full. So, we made the Twist’R® to be:

Fully assembled and ready to use
Friendly for all heights
Able to hold up to 35 newborn diapers
Attractive, with neutral patterns to match any decor

Easy matters. Especially at 3am.
We know what it’s like to change diapers day in and day out, and we wanted to make it as simple, and stink-free, as possible. Even at 3am. Because we answer to a good night’s sleep.®

That’s why we designed the Twist’R® to work with a push of a pedal:Drop - Step - Done.®
Fast and easy matters when you’re a parent.

Kids are messy. So is parenting.®
But diaper changes can be a lot less messy when you get a Twist’R®. Trust us and try it.
Your nose and your nursery will thank you.

The Twist’R® Two-Step: drop and step.No odors. No rhythm required.


Twist’R Diaper Disposal System