Everything But the Baby Gift Basket: 1 year’s supply of the best of the best from Prince Lionheart

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Everything But the Baby Gift Basket: 1 year’s supply of the best of the best from Prince Lionheart

Everything But the Baby Gift Basket: 1 year’s supply of the best of the best from Prince Lionheart

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We hand-picked the very best for first time moms based on our own experiences of Life with Baby. From the moment you bring Baby home from the hospital with the 2 Stage Seatsaver and Backseat Mirror installed, to those nighttime diaper changes that are better illuminated with our Illumipad and more comfortable/hygienic with a warm wipe from our patented Evo Wipes Warmer. The Slumber Bear is a magical little bear that lulls babies to sleep or calms them when fussy within seconds with actual womb sounds recorded inside a mother’s womb, becoming a well-loved companion for years to come long after the need for the comforting womb sounds. The Dresser Top Diaper Depot organizes chaos and restores sanity because everything you need for those many diaper changes can be found within arm’s reach.  The My TWIST’R Diaper Disposal System can be customized to match your cute nursery, but more importantly eliminates odor and allows EVERYONE to breath easily. Guaranteed. Then there’s bath time which can be renamed spa time because babies love their Tubimal experiences so much starting as a newborn in the sling that cradles them securely, lasting long into their toddler days as a tub, and beyond with storage of toys and more. The Tubimal foam insert can be used with the Tubimal or without – also in showers, sinks, hotels and grandma’s -- while the hooded towel is just plain adorable. The Uppy2 provides a comfy and stable place for mom or dad to perch while bathing Baby and can then be used while nursing baby (perfect footrest), or for potty training, washing hands, or anywhere around the house. Sure, we have more amazing products where the love is in the details and the quality outweighs the price you pay, but this hand-picked favorite list will definitely make life with baby so much sweeter…       

What’s included:

• 2 Stage® Seatsaver®
• Backseat Mirror
• Illumipad®
• Evo™ Wipes Warmer with 1 Year Supply Ever-Fresh & Tip Top Pillows
• Slumber Bear®
• Dresser Top Diaper Depot™
• My TWIST’R® Diaper Disposal System with 1 Year Supply Refill Bags and Charcoal Sachets
• Tubimal® Bathtub & Storage Bin
• Tubimal® Foam Insert
• Tubimal® Hooded Towel
• Uppy2 Step Stool
• Free Shipping to the Continental US


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This bundle was perfect. We had our first child, and held off on buying some supplies because we saw this bundle! It really is amazing and everything included is so useful and well-thought out.

My most favorite part of the bundle is the year supply of diaper trash bags.

The most used of the bundle would be the changing pad, diaper trash can, and the wipe warmer.

I really don't have to worry about restocking for at least one year.

Jo May
Amazing Gift

I received this as a gift from my work when I went on maternity leave and it made me cry. It was delivered to my home the first day of my maternity leave and was such an amazing gift to receive. It made me feel like they really cared about me. Everything that came was of such high quality and turned out to be so useful - I didn't even know I needed it, but sure used everything! I wasn't really familiar with Prince Lionheart until I received this gift, other than having their wipey warmer on my registry, but now they are one of my all time favorite brands. Many of the gifts I received in this have become my go to baby shower gifts because I don't know what I'd do without them. My all time favorites are the baby bath tub which we are still using for our toddler and it is, without a doubt, our most used baby gift of all time. We loved it so much we bought another 'cause I can bathe my baby and toddler by myself at the same time with everyone safe, happy, and clean. We even take it to the beach or use it outside when it is hot. We love our wipey warmer and now have two. We feel so lucky to have the diaper pail because we've never smelled a dirty diaper in our house while using it which is not true of our friends who have different brands. The Slumber Bear is up there with CPR for me 'cause it saved my sanity on so many occasions by sending my baby gently off to sleep or even just chilling him out whenever he heard it. I love so many of these products that I could go on. It would be an amazing shower gift, and is an amazing gift if you want to make an employee like me feel really special.

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