10 Safety Tips That Might Surprise You! (Infographic)

Planning for safety is all about taking the right steps to protect your kids. Because kids keep us on our toes, there are often dangers we don’t think about. Prince Lionheart has compiled some safety concerns you might not have considered… but don’t worry, we’ve got the solutions.

10 Safety Tips That Might Surprise You  Infographic

1. Safety Concern - Baby is placed in an infant seat on the kitchen counter.

Potential Problem - Baby kicks hard and topples, potentially falling off the counter.

Prevention - Always place infant seats, squishy chairs, and car seats on the ground.

2. Safety Concern - Toddler finds a penny in between the couch cushions or on the counter.

Potential Problem - Toddler could choke. If it travels into the digestive tract, you may have to search their poo to make sure it left their system!

Prevention - Keep coins safely out of reach.

3. Safety Concern - Baby pulls a leaf off of a houseplant and eats it.

Potential Problem - Some houseplants are toxic. Ingesting them could land your little one in the ER after calling poison control...

Prevention - Find out which plants in your home are toxic and re-home them. Place them well out of reach if you don’t want to part with it...

4. Safety Concern - Toddler swallows small magnets pulled from the fridge.

Potential Problem - Magnets can stick together in the digestive tract and cause intestinal blockage. Resolving this can require surgery.

Prevention - Only use large magnets and avoid all magnets with small parts.

5. Safety Concern - Child grabs hot curling iron or straightening iron.

Potential Problem - Hair styling tools get incredibly hot and can cause mild to severe burns.

Prevention - Ensure babies are strapped into a baby chair or placed in a crib or playpen while styling hair. Keep these items (and their cords) well out of reach while they heat up and cool down, regardless of your child’s age.

6. Safety Concern -Toddler grabs hold of the TV and pulls it down.

Potential Problem -The TV lands on your child, causing bruises, concussions, or broken bones.

Prevention - Mount your TV or secure it to the wall. Hide and secure the cord.

7. Safety Concern - The highchair is placed too close to the table.

Potential Problem - Baby pushes against the table with their feet, knocking the highchair over. This could cause head injuries, bumps, and bruises.

Prevention - Keep highchairs pulled back from the table.

8. Safety Concern - Child spins in circles, becoming dizzy and falling.

Potential Problem - Your child could hit their head on a table corner or on furniture, causing lacerations, concussion, broken bones, or bruises.

Prevention - Don’t play spinning games inside. Cover edges and corners.

9. Safety Concern - Baby is lifted by the wrists.

Potential Problem - Baby’s elbow is partially dislocated, also called Nursemaid’s Elbow.

Prevention - Never lift or swing kids by their hands or wrists. Lift under the arms, instead.

10. Safety Concern - Baby pulls medicine or a sharp item out of a bag or purse.

Potential Problem - Baby could be poisoned by medicine or cut or poked by sharp items like nail files, pens, or scissors.

Prevention - Keep all bags closed and out of reach of little ones.