Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Safety At Home

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to baby safety and baby-proofing, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Prince Lionheart helps you break it down into categories so that your home is ready for Baby.

Baby Safety and Baby Proofing Your Home


  • Put Baby to sleep on their backs
  • Use a firm, flat sleep surface
  • Keep cribs and bassinets empty except for a fitted sheet
  • Ensure cribs meet safety standards
  • Keep room between 68℉ and 72℉


  • Hold Baby to bottle feed
  • Never prop bottles
  • Skip hard and round foods Baby could choke on
  • Cut all other food into thin, small pieces
  • Stay in the room while Baby eats


  • Always use the safety straps
  • Place seats safely away from anything baby can pull over or down
  • Always place seats on the floor
  • Only use seats as directed


  • Test bath water temperature with your elbow
  • Turn water heater down to 120℉
  • Keep anything that uses electricity away from the tub
  • Stay within arm’s reach
  • Don’t let Baby drink bathwater
  • Never leave Baby alone near any amount of water


  • Be careful about furniture placement for climbing and grabbing
  • Look for missing and broken pieces on toys
  • Store toys in safe containers that can’t hurt Baby
  • Ensure toys meet safety standards


  • Secure furniture and heavy electronics to the wall
  • Use cabinet and drawer locks
  • Cover outlets and hide and secure cords
  • Use baby safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs
  • Secure and lock all doors and windows
  • Secure your dishwasher, oven, and toilet
  • Baby proof sharp edges and corners
  • Install and test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Remove toxic household plants
  • Skip tablecloths and table runners
  • Never leave Baby on an elevated surface

Baby Safety In The Car


  • Use a new, rear-facing carseat
  • Never leave Baby alone in the car
  • Put keys in your pocket or bag after turning the car off
  • Keep essentials in the backseat with Baby so that you’ll always check it
  • Keep doors and trunk locked when you’re not in the car

Baby Safety Outside The Home


  • Keep Baby away from choking hazards
  • Keep Baby away from sharp and pointy items
  • Follow a mobile baby everywhere
  • Appreciate plants and animals from a safe distance
  • Never leave Baby unattended